• Assistant Director of FMC Chief Research Scientist
  • Department of Computer Science and Technology
  • Research Institute for Future Media Computing
  • Room 410, College of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Dr. Xu Wang received his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong in 2014. In 2015, he joined the College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Shenzhen University as an Assistant Professor. His research interests are video coding, image quality assessment and machine learning.

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2020-03One paper titled as "Learning to Explore Saliency for Stereoscopic Videos via Component-Based Interaction "was accepted to TIP. Congratulations to Mr. ZHANG Qiudan!
2020-03One paper titled as "Multi-Exposure Decomposition-Fusion Model for High Dynamic Range Image Saliency Detection" was accepted to TCSVT. Congratulations to Mr. SUN Zhenhao!
2020-03One paper titled as "Lossy Geometry Compression of 3D Point Cloud Data via an Adaptive Octree-guided Network" was accepted to ICME2020 (oral). Congratulations to Mr. WEN Xuanzheng!
2019-09One paper titled as "Exploiting Local and Global Structure for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation with Contextual Point Representation" was accepted to NeurIPS2019 (poster). Congratulations to Mr. HE Jingming!

Current Members:

NamePositionResearch Directions
SUN ZhenhaoResearch AssistantHDR Image Saliency Detection
CHEN ZihaoMsc. student (2017-)360 Video Streaming
ZHANG PingpingMsc. student (2017-)CNN based Image Filtering
WEN XuanzhengMsc. student (2018-)Point Cloud Data Compression
HE JingmingMsc. student (2019-)Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
LI JinglongMsc. student (2019-)Video Object Detection
XIAO XiaotongMsc. student (2019-)3D Image Saliency Detection


ZHANG QiudanMSc. student (2015-2018)Co-supervised with Prof. Jianmin Jiang, Ph.D. candidate of City Univeristy of Hong Kong
SUN ZhenhaoMSc. student (2016-2019)Research Assistant of IML, SZU,preparing Ph. D application
XUE YaliMsc. student (2016-2019)Engineer of Peng Cheng Laboratory
LIU XiaohuaMsc. student (2016-2019)Engineer of China Guangfa Bank

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