Guoliang Chen

Guoliang Chen

  • Academician
  • Department of Computer Science and Technology
  • Research Institute of High Performance Computing
  • office Building, Shenzhen University

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Guoliang Chen is professor of Shenzhen University and first National Teaching Master of Higher Education. He is the dean of College of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Shenzhen University, director of National High Performance Computing Center at Hefei, executive director of International High Performance Computing Center (Asia), and council member of China Computer Federation. He has undertaken more than 10 research programs, such as National 863 Program, National Climbing Program, and National 973 Program. He has published over 200 papers and 10 academic books. Professor Guoliang Chen has won more than 20 awards including the second-class award of National Science and Technology Progress, the first-class award and second-class award of Science and Technology Progress conferred by Ministry of Education, the second-class award of Teaching Achievement conferred by Ministry of Education, and Dayu first-class award conferred by Ministry of Water Resources. Prof. Chen has been working on education and research in parallel algorithms for years, and he has gradually developed a complete set of parallel algorithm disciplinary system, which is “ Algorithm theory – Algorithm design – Algorithm implementation – Algorithm application", and based on this, he has proposed an integrated parallel computing methods called "Parallel Computer Structure - Parallel Algorithms - Parallel programming ". He is the leader of China's non-numerical parallel algorithm research, and his achievements also have great impact on the academic and educational circles in China and abroad.

last updated:2020/10/22

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