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  • Administration Offices

Teaching Unit

  • Department of Computer Science and Technology (Computer Experimental Center of Shenzhen University [National Computer Experimental Demonstration Center])

  • Department of Software Engineering

  • Department of Network and Big Data (Virtual Simulation Experimental Center for Network Engineering [National Virtual Simulation Experimental Center])

  • Department of Artificial Intelligence

Rearch Platforms

  • National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data System Computing Technology

  • National High Performance Computing Center at Shenzhen (High Performance Computing Center)

  • Engineering Research Center of Mobile Internet Application Middleware, Guangdong Province

  • Big Data Institute Shenzhen University

  • Research Institute for Future Media Computing

  • Research Institute of Network and Information Security

  • Computer Vision Institute

  • Visual Computing Research Center (VCC)

  • The IoT Research Center

  • Research Institute of Intelligence Technology and System Integration

College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Shenzhen University 2020