Future Media Computing

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Headed by Professor Jianmin Jiang, the Research Institute for Future Media Computing was established in 2014. Most members in the institute are at a young age and they all have a global perspective and background for international cooperative research. The institute has built relationships for cooperative research and talents training with famous overseas companies and research universities, including the University of Oxford, the University of Surrey, and Nankai University. Engaging in cutting-edge international innovative research in the field of digital media, the researchers in the institute have the ability to promote transformation of scientific research achievements, develop related new technologies and products, and provide authoritative consultation for these related areas. Based on the rapid development of internet technology and digital technology, the institute concentrates on investigating and developing new concepts of future media technology and products.



Jianmin Jiang  Director 

The Distinguished Professor of Shenzhen University, Dr. Jianmin Jiang was the Professor in several famous research universities in the UK and the Director of the Digital Media & Systems Research Institute at the University of Bradford. He has published more than 400 research papers in international leading conferences and journals and led some large international research projects funded by the EU. Professor Jianmin Jiang was the recipient of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Overseas Young Scholars in 2000 and the CAS Distinguished Overseas Young Scholars Award in 2004. His primary research areas are digital media and systems, computer’s intelligent analysis and automatic understanding of media content, digital image processing and theory, the application of robot learning to digital media processing, and medical image analysis, etc.


The research institute has a number of high-quality researchers, including two distinguished professors, one associate professor, two assistant professors, three lecturers, two postdoctoral researchers, one research assistant, one secretary, and dozens of excellent PhD and Master’s degree students.


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