Computer Vision

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The Computer Vision Institute at Shenzhen University mainly consists of talented staff working on computer vision theory and application, including image processing, pattern recognition, and intelligent optimization. The institute mainly focuses on image feature extraction, selection optimization, machine learning and their applications in biometric recognition, medical image-aided diagnosis and remote sensing data mining. The institute has research collaborations with Huawei,, Dahua Tech, EuroImmun, etc.



Linlin Shen Director

The Director of the Institute, Professor Linlin Shen, received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Shanghai Jiaotong University and a PhD from The University of Nottingham, UK. He is now the Director of the Computer Vision Institute and China-UK Visual Information Processing Lab. As an Honorary Professor of Nottingham, he is the Recipient of the Excellent Overseas Chinese Scholar Award, the Most Cited Chinese Researchers Award (Elsevier), the Guangdong “Qian-Bai-Shi” Talent Award, and the Most Cited Research Paper Award (Image and Vision Computing Journal). He is the Runner-up of the International Face Recognition Contest and the Champion of IEEE ICIP International HEp-2 Cell Classification Contest.


At present, the members in the institute include 2 professors, 5 associate professors, and 1 lecturer. Outstanding members include 3 Guangdong “Qian-Bai-Shi” Talent Award recipients, 1 Shenzhen Outstanding Young Scholar, 3 SZU Excellent Young Teachers, and 6 Shenzhen Peacock-Plan Talents. The average age of all members in the institute is less than 33. In addition, the institute has 5 members holding overseas PhD degrees and it has a good foundation and active atmosphere for scientific research.


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