Smart Sensing and Mobile Computing

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The Lab of Smart Sensing and Mobile Computing (SSMC) at Shenzhen University was established in 2013. Focusing on Internet of things and mobile computing, it is an interdisciplinary research center that was formed with the strength from several disciplines in Shenzhen University, such as Computer Science, Biological Science, Physical Science and Cognitive Science. In recent years, the Center has been staffed with many overseas high-caliber talents from universities such as Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The center is collaborating on joint research with top universities from Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. Members can be recommended to famous overseas universities for further study. The center also has enough funding to encourage the combination of industry and high-level research.



Kaishun Wu Director

SSMC is headed by Professor Kaishun Wu, the Pearl River Scholar Distinguished Professor. He has published over 80 refereed papers in international leading journals and primer conferences. Besides, Prof. Wu is the inventor of 6 US and 45 Chinese pending patents (16 are issued). He won the first prize of the Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award (Natural Science) in 2014 for his research achievements (as the lead researcher) and he was also one of the winners of the 2014 Hong Kong ICT Award: Best Innovation. Moreover, Prof. Wu was appointed the Pearl River Scholar Distinguished Professor of Guangdong Province and selected as the Thousand-Youth-Talents-Plan Scholar, the Outstanding Young Researchers in Guangdong Province, the New Century Excellent Talent (awarded by the Ministry of Education), and the recipient of Guangdong Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars. Because of the contributions to wireless communication and mobile computing, Prof. Wu received the 2014 IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award and the 2012 Hong Kong Young Scientist Award. He also received 3 Best paper awards from IEEE MASS 2014, IEEE Globecom 2012, and IEEE ICPADS 2012.


The center has a group of world-class researchers, including 1 Guangdong Province Distinguished Professor, 2 assistant professors, 4 postdoctoral researchers, 5 doctoral candidates, and 30 other researchers. The center also consists of world class talents such as the Peacock-Plan Talent.


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