The 21st International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods

ICFEM 2019

November 5th-9th, 2019, Shenzhen, China

International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Formal Methods (AI&FM 2019)

Nov. 5th, 2019


Note: This is a tentative program. Please check later for updates.

08:30—08:35 Opening
Industrial Session
08:35—09:30 AI Ethics and Ethics by Design (detail)
Jeff Cao, Tencent Research Institute
09:30—10:25 The Key Challenges of RAMS: When Huawei Full Stack and All Scenarios AI comes (detail)
Zheng Hu, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
10:25—10:55 Coffee Break
Session 1
10:55—11:30 Using RNN Predict Tactics for Theorem Proving
Meng Sun, Peking University
11:30—12:05 Safe Inputs Approximation for Black-Box Systems (detail)
Bai Xue, Chinese Academy of Sciences
12:05—14:00 Lunch Break
Session 2
14:00—14:35 Robustness Verification of Classification Deep Neural Networks via Linear Programming (detail)
Wang Lin, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
14:35—15:10 Inductive Bias and Meta Learning: A New Perspective of Formal Methods Recommendation (detail)
Weipeng Cao, Shenzhen University
15:10—15:45 A Modeling Framework of Intelligent Transportation Systems with Driver Behavior Classification based on Machine Learning (detail)
Dongdong An, East China Normal University
15:45—16:15 Coffee Break
Session 3
16:15—16:50 Defining Robustness in the Input Space Using Linear Regions (detail)
Jay Hoon Jung and YoungMin Kwon, State University of New York at Korea
16:50—17:25 Analyzing Deep Neural Networks with Symbolic Propagation: Towards Higher Precision and Faster Verification (detail)
Pengfei Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
17:25—17:30 Closing

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