The 21st International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods

ICFEM 2019

November 5th-9th, 2019, Shenzhen, China

The 9th International Workshop on SOFL + MSVL for Reliability and Security (SOFL+MSVL 2019)

Nov. 5th, 2019


08:30—08:40 Opening (Shaoying Liu)
Session 1 (Chair: Cong Tian)
08:40—10:00 Analysis and remodeling of the DirtyCOW vulnerability by debugging and abstraction
Yanjun Wen and Ji Wang

A Formal Technique for Concurrent Generation of Software Functional and Security Requirements in SOFL Specifications
Busalire Emeka and Shaoying Liu

Distortion and Faults in Machine Learning Software
Shin Nakajima

A divide & conquer approach to testing concurrent Java programs with JPF and Maude
Canh Minh Do and Kazuhiro Ogata
10:00—10:20 Coffee Break
Session 2 (Chair: Jinyun Xue)
10:20—11:40 An approach to modeling and verifying multi-level interrupt systems with TMSVL
Jin Cui

Towards Formal Verification of Neural Networks: A Temporal Logic Based Framework
Xiaobing Wang

UMC4M: a Verification Tool via Program Execution
Meng Wang

Parallel Runtime Verification Approach for Alternate Execution of Multiple Threads
Bin Yu
11:40—14:00 Lunch
Session 3 (Chair: Shin Nakajima)
14:00—15:20 A Planning Approach based on APTL
Haiyang Wang

Solving Constraint optimization Problems Based on Mathematica and Abstraction
Guoteng Pan, Li Mengjun and Guodong Ou

A Forward Chaining Heuristic Search with Spatio-Temporal Control Knowledge
Xu Lu

Formal Development and Verification of Reusable Component in PAR Platform
Qimin Hu, Jinyun Xue and Zhen You
15:20—15:40 Coffee Break
Session 4 (Chair: Huaikou Miao)
15:40—16:40 A New Mutant Generation Algorithm based on Basic Path Coverage for Mutant Reduction
Xu Qin

Specification and Model Checking of a Ride-sharing System in Maude
Eiichi Muramoto

Model Checking Python Programs with MSVL
Xinfeng Shu
Session 5 (parallel Session) (Chair: Cong Tian)
16:50—18:00 Prediction of Function Removal Propagation in Linux Evolution
Lei Wang

Metamorphic Testing in Fault Localization of Model Transformations
Keke Du

A Fault Localization Method Based on Dynamic Failed Execution Blocks
Baoyi Pan

Regression Models for Performance Ranking of Configurable Systems: A Comparative Study
Yuntianyi Chen
Session 6 (parallel Session) (Chair: Xiaobin Wang)
16:50—18:00 Combining Model Learning and Model Checking to Analyze Java Libraries
Shahbaz Ali

Adaptive Random Testing by Bisection and Comprehensive Distance
Chengying Mao

Data Provenance Based System for Classification and Linear Regression in Distributed Machine Learning
Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan

CMM: A Combination-based Mutation Method For SQL Injection
Jing Zhao
18:00 Closing (Zhenhua Duan)