Our lab aims to work around the key research topics of virtual reality (VR), including 3D Data Capturing, Video Processing and Understanding, Video Coding and Communication, Image Quality Assessment, and et ac.


Our lab is directed by Dr. WANG Xu. Our lab is consists of staff members, post-doc follow, graduate students and postgraduate students. Currently, we are looking for potential candidates to join us.


[Feb. 25, 2019] Congratulations! Our paper entitled "Learning to Explore Intrinsic Saliency for Stereoscopic Video, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition" has been accepted by CVPR2019.


Our lab has published several high quality papers on top international journals and conferences, including TIP, TCSVT, TMM, and et ac. For more details, interested visitors are welcome to access the publication page and download the softcopy.


The lab has a number of on-going research projects funded by Chinese government funding bodies such as NSFC. Besides, we are also collaborating with companies. For more details, please click here.


Additional materials of selected published papers including source code and database are now available. Interested visitors are welcome to download only for education and research purpose.