Congratulations! FMC has obtained three Awards of Tencent “Rhinoceros Birds” in 2016

wangxu | 2016-12-26 | QQ群:

Congratulations!! The projects of “Research on Mobile Terminal Oriented High Efficiency Panoramic Video Coding” directed by Dr. WANG Xu, “Video Attention Modeling in Noisy Environments via Deep Learning” directed by Dr. ZHONG Shenghua, “Research on Image Aesthetic Enhancement Algorithms based on the Analysis of Internet Images” directed by Dr. ZHANG Xiaoyan, has obtained the Awards of Tencent “Rhinoceris Birds” – Scientific Research Foundation for Young Teachers of Shenzhen University.

This Award aims to encourge young researchers of Shenzhen University for their novel research method and good academic innovation and the strong application value in the area of information science. In 2016, only 6 projects are selected and issued with this Award from 22 applicants

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