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The 9th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics

October 13-16, 2022

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The 9th IEEE International Conference on
Data Science and Advanced Analytics

October 13-16, 2022

Special Session Papers

Computational Social Science and Complex Systems

PATE: Property, Amenities, Traffic and Emotions Coming Together for Real Estate Price Prediction
Zhao, Yaping; Ravi, Ramgopal; Shi, Shuhui; Wang, Zhongrui; Lam, Edmund; Zhao, Jichang

Large-Scale Traffic Congestion Prediction based on Multimodal Fusion and Representation Mapping
Zhou, Bodong; Liu, Jiahui; Cui, Songyi; Zhao, Yaping

Positive emotions help rank negative reviews for sellers and producers in e-commerce
Weng, Di; Yang, Yang; Zhao, Jichang

What Really Drives the Spread of COVID-19 Tweets: A Revisit from Perspective of Content
CHUAI, Yuwei; Chang, Yutian; Zhao, Jichang

Disentangling the Growth of Blockchain-based Networks by Graph Evolution Rule Mining
Galdeman, Alessia; Zignani, Matteo; Gaito, Sabrina

Simulating Spreading of Multiple Interacting Processes in Complex Networks
Czuba, Michał; Brodka, Piotr

Modeling the impact of external influence on green behavior spreading in multilayer financial networks
Jankowski, Jarosław; Ziolo, Magdalena; Brodka, Piotr; Spoz, Anna

Improving Source Localization by Perturbing Graph Diffusion

Zhao, Yaping; Wang, Zhongrui; Lam, Edmund

H4M: Heterogeneous, Multi-source, Multi-modal, Multi-view and Multi-distributional Dataset for Socioeconomic Analytics in Case of Beijing
Zhao, Yaping; Shi, Shuhui; Ravi, Ramgopal; Wang, Zhongrui; Lam, Edmund; Zhao, Jichang

Data Science and Advanced Analytics for Autonomous Vehicles

A Fast Block-Based Feature Method for Low Cost Dynamic Objects Detection
Zhao, Shuo; Jiang, Sining; Wang, Hao; Jing, Wei; Guo, Zhongwen

CE-GAN : A Camera Image Enhancement Generative Adversarial Network for Autonomous Driving
Jiang, Sining; Zhao, Shuo; Wang, Hao; Jing, Wei; Guo, Zhongwen

Image Classification Based on Deep Graph Convolutional Networks
Chen, Xiaowang; Tang, Tinglong; Wu, Yirong; Sun, Shuifa; Yu, Mei

Large Scale Point Cloud Classification Based on Graph-MLP++
Zhang, Guodao; Zhang, Zhiyong; Liu, Ruyu; Xie, En

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Enabled Trustworthy Recommendations

Incorporating Accuracy and Diversity in a News Recommender System
Raza, Shaina; Bashir, Syed Raza; Naseem, Usman; Liu, Dora D; Reji, Deepak John

A3R: Argumentative explanations for recommendations
ZHONG, Jinfeng; NEGRE, Elsa

A Side Information Enhanced Matrix Factorization Approach via Hierarchical Generalized Linear Model
Liu, Dora D; Naseem, Usman; Lai, Zhongyuan

Attention-aware Multi-hop Trust Inference in Online Social Networks
Xu, Rongwei; Liu, Guanfeng; Hua, Xianmei; Ye, Shiqi; Zhang, Xuyun; Lu, Junwen

Interaction-aware Hypergraph Neural Networks for User Profiling
Yan, Shaojie; Zhao, Tao; Jinsheng, Deng

DGNN: Denoising graph neural network for session-based recommendation
Dai, Jiuqian; Yuan, Weihua; Bao, Chen; Zhang, Zhijun

Dual Channel Hybrid Messaging-Passing Graph Convolutional Network for Recommendation
Lan, Wei; Wang, WenGuang

Data Science for Cyber and National Security

Mitigation of Rumours in Social Networks via Epidemic Model-based Reinforcement Learning
Nie, H Ruda; Zhang, Xiuzhen; Li, Minyi; Dolgun, Anil

Active Lifelong Anomaly Detection with Experience Replay
Faber, Kamil; Corizzo, Roberto; Japkowicz, Nathalie

Data Science for Social and Behavioral Analytics

SA-FGDEM: A Self-adaptive E-Learning Performance Prediction Model
Wang, Liping; Ye, Mingtao; Zhang, Guodao; Sheng, Xin; Zhang, Jingran

Heterogeneous Drift Learning: Classification of Mix-Attribute Data with Concept Drifts
Zhao, Lang; Zhang, Yiqun; Ji, Yuzhu; Zeng, An; Gu, Fangqing; Luo, Xiaopeng

Fast Mining RFM Patterns for Behavioral Analytics
Wan, Shicheng; Deng, Jieyin; Chen, Jiahui; Gan, Wensheng; Yu, Philip S

Constraint-based Sequential Rule Mining
Yin, Zhaowen; Gan, Wensheng; Huang, Gengsen ; Wu, Yongdong; Fournier-Viger, Philippe

Discovering Geo-referenced Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Geo-referenced Time Series Databases
Ravikumar, Penugonda; Palla, Likhitha; T, Chandrasekhar; RAGE, Uday Kiran; Watanobe, Yukata; Zettsu, Koji

Practical applications of explainable artificial intelligence methods

Fast Hybrid Oracle-Explainer Approach to Explainability Using Optimized Search of Comprehensible Decision Trees
Szczepanski, Mateusz; Pawlicki, Marek; Kozik, Rafal; Choras, Michal

SurvSHAP: A Proxy-Based Algorithm for Explaining Survival Models with SHAP
Alabdallah, Abdallah; Pashami, Sepideh; Rognvaldsson, Thorsteinn; Ohlsson, Mattias

Abstract Argumentation for Explainable Satellite Scheduling
Powell, Cheyenne; Riccardi, Annalisa

Explaining Human Activities Instances Using Deep Learning Classifiers
Arrotta, Luca; Civitarese, Gabriele; Fiori, Michele; Bettini, Claudio

Explainable expected goal models for performance analysis in football analytics
Cavus, Mustafa; Biecek, Przemyslaw

Why is the prediction wrong? Towards underfitting case explanation via meta-classification
ZHOU, Sheng; BLANCHART, Pierre; Crucianu, Michel; Ferecatu, Marin

Streamlining models with explanations in the learning loop
Lomuscio, Francesco; Bajardi, Paolo; Perotti, Alan; Amparore, Elvio

Roll Wear Prediction in Strip Cold Rolling with Physics-Informed Autoencoder and Counterfactual Explanations
Jakubowski, Jakub; Stanisz, Przemysław; Bobek, Szymon; Nalepa, Grzegorz

Private, Secure, and Trust Data Analytics

Federated Deep Recommendation System Based on Multi-View Feature Embedding
Wang, Xinna; Meng, Shunmei; Chen, Yanran; Li, Qianmu; Yuan, Rui; Liu, Qiyan

Range-free and Level-based Localization with Malicious Node Identification in Underwater Sensor Networks
Guo, Ying; Ping, Ji; Xu, Jingxiang; Liu, Peng

Generating privacy preserving synthetic medical data
Faisal, Fahim; Leung, Carson K.; Mohammed, Noman; Wang, Yang

A novel real-time trajectory compression method for privacy protection
Tao, Jiachun; Chen, Liang; Fang, Junhua

Fuzzy-Based Operational Resilience Modelling
Ur-Rehman, Attiq; Kamruzzaman, Joarder; Gondal, Iqbal; Jolfaei, Alireza

Domain Knowledge Enhanced Text Mining for Identifying Mental Disorder Patterns
Shahabikargar, Maryam; Beheshti, Amin; Khatami, Amin; Nguyen, Ricky; Zhang, Xuyun; Alinejad-Rokny, Hamid

A Systematical Evaluation for Next Basket Recommender Systems
shao, zhufeng; Wang, Shoujin; Zhang, Qian; Lu, Wenpeng; Li, Zhao; Peng, Xueping

Evidence Based Pipeline for Explaining Artificial Intelligence Algorithms with Interactions
Hanif, Ambreen A; Beheshti, Amin; Benatallah, Boualem; Zhang, Xuyun; Wood, Steven